Certified Hypnotherapy Training

A National Guild of Hypnotists Learning Center

To prepare our graduates to practice the art and science of hypnotism with
skill, confidence, compassion and excellence.

The Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis is approved and regulated by DPOS.

Drake & Lynsi Eastburn are internationally renowned authors, speakers, and instructors with a global clientele. Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis proudly presents a faculty of top, award-winning, international trainers—some of the best in the business. Just Google us!

An interview with Drake or Lynsi Eastburn is required for all prospective students (in person or by phone for distance learners).

Available in 3 Formats

Overview of the Training

At Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis, we are dedicated to providing top quality education. Our programs are designed to train students—well and thoroughly—to function as hypnotherapists, equipped to offer their clients innovative solutions to all issues and concerns, be these mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. Beginning with a strong foundation in hypnotic history and theory, we take our students through the process of inducing hypnosis using a variety of techniques from gentle relaxations to instant inductions. We explore the art of composing suggestions tailored to meet each client’s individual needs, and focus strongly on the cultivation of an ability to create intuitive suggestion material “in the moment,” as it is required in the course of hypnotherapy.

We address the importance of regression work, teaching the student to “hold the space” necessary in assisting clients to attain complete and thorough resolution. Through demonstrations followed by interactive practice among the student therapists, under the observation of the teaching staff, we create the ability to elicit therapeutic and cathartic response.

Building rapport, interviewing techniques, pain management, anesthesia, deepening techniques, and many other topics are covered in depth, as well as related aspects of hypnotherapy practice, including Gestalt, NLP, and Alchemical models, jurisprudence and marketing. Above all, we emphasize Quantum Model Learning, grounded in our firm conviction that the power of the human mind is unequaled and unlimited. You’ll be hypnotizing others by the end of the first weekend!

Our curriculum is designed to provide a complete, practical approach to hypnosis, which enables our graduates to immediately enter the field of private practice with excellent skills and confidence. Our course is also useful for those who wish to advance their careers in complementary disciplines such as medicine, psychology, psychiatry, social work, nursing, and teaching; and certainly for anyone who wishes to help improve the lives and serve the best interests of their fellow person.

There is a saying in the psychology field known as Maslow’s Hammer. Influential humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow (best known for his Hierarchy of Needs theory) said: If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail. This is an important concept to grasp and underscores the reason Eastburn Institute designed this diversified, comprehensive, and proven-effective training program. Human beings are wont to view things through narrow lenses: those of their upbringing, religions, cultures, and professions, for example. To be successful in any venture one must, to mix metaphors, have an open mind and a well-stocked toolbox.

Our Facilities

Westminster, CO, is home to the Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis. Westminster, a northwestern suburb of Denver, is situated near the foothills of the northern Colorado Rockies, against a backdrop of magnificent views of the Front Range, including several 14,000 foot peaks. It is an easy drive to and from Denver International Airport. The Eastburn Institute is located in the main clinical facility of Eastburn Hypnotherapy Center.

At the Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis you’ll find a spacious, comfortable, user-friendly classroom featuring a large LED flat screen television with audio/visual and access to PowerPoint and the internet; dry/erase board for written demonstrations; comfortable, flexible seating to best complement your learning style; access to snuggly pillows and blankets, and portable recliners; and complementary tea, coffee, and purified water. The Eastburn Institute is an entire three-floor suite located in a quiet building that features two en suite bathrooms, and five fully-equipped break-out rooms—complete with recliners—where student-therapists practice techniques with a professional, real-world flavor. Students take on the roles of both client and therapist, and participate in state-of-the-art hypnotism practices designed to create the most successful outcomes in the field. Break-outs are supervised by faculty and training assistants with a private 2:1 student/teacher ratio that—without the distractions that occur in a multiple dyad/one-room format—allows for more intimate integration of the material. Triads (3:1 ratio) are also sometimes utilized for effective mastery of a specific skill set.

Our 3 Formats

We are pleased to offer our Transformational Hypnotherapy Certification training in three distinctive and equally valuable formats: a 350-hour, four-month semestered Certified Hypnotherapist module, consisting of eight alternate weekend sessions offered during both Winter-Spring and Autumn terms; a fast-track, super intensive, 260-hour, seven-day Certified Hypnotherapist training also available during the Winter-Spring and Autumn terms; and—what literary greats Walt Whitman and Mark Twain would call the Whole Shebang!—the 750-hour Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist program which includes standard Certified Hypnotherapist certification; an onsite, clinical internship working with actual clients provided by the training facility; and certification in your choice of any five of the included must-have advanced trainings offered through the Institute; and much more.

NGH Board Certification

All Eastburn Institute programs qualify for true board certification through the only legitimate hypnotism board certification body: the National Guild of Hypnotists. The credential of board certification must be earned, and can only be bestowed upon a person who meets the necessary criteria. The board certification exam proctored by the National Guild of Hypnotists requires that the examinee be in private practice for a minimum of one year prior to sitting for the exam. The board certification exam is then given in two parts: a written test taken in the presence of a National Guild board member, and an oral exam given by a NGH board member.

Our Training: The Hows & Whys

Each training features identical material and a well-balanced blend of theory and practice (due to time constraints regression training and advanced smoking cessation training are not part of the intensive); the Clinical program goes beyond the completion of the semestered and intensive formats and can also be done a la carte (by selection of individual components) for those who need or desire only certain specific advanced certifications. In offering variations of these unique programs, we find that the presentation of the curriculum can be structured so as to meet individual needs and preferences. Prospective students have the opportunity to choose a training that not only best suits their time considerations, but also addresses their learning styles and dispositions as well. A high-energy intensive course, a more measured approach, or a combination of such; whichever you select, Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis has the training you need to successfully reach your goals.

You will not find this choice of format and quality of training anywhere else—Drake & Lynsi Eastburn developed it based on tens of thousands of their individual clinical and teaching hours in the field. Eastburn trainings are an unprecedented blend of experience and innovation designed with your success in mind.

You’ll Learn:

  • What is Hypnosis? (An Introduction): A complete technical and understandable explanation of hypnosis. Concepts of primary and secondary suggestibility are introduced.
  • History of Hypnosis: Background information on the history of hypnosis, including the discoveries/influences of Braid, Mesmer, Elman, Erickson, etc.
  • Preliminary Suggestibility Tests: The purpose and types are discussed and demonstrated. You’ll practice conducting each test as well as learn how to achieve rapport with a client.
  • Recognition and Classification of Clients: An in-depth learning process that includes qualification of clients, including common fallacies we encounter; how to effectively work with individuals and groups; and how to choose the appropriate technique each time.
  • How to Hypnotize: You will be hypnotizing others within the first two days of training! Several classic hypnotic induction procedures and styles are taught, along with the basic elements necessary to ensure successful inductions every time. Learn how to hypnotize with the touch of a finger.
  • Methods of Emerging: Methods of awakening and emergence from trance are demonstrated and practiced.
  • Hypnotic Depth Testing: A good hypnotherapist must be able to assess the depth of hypnosis. Be successful every time with effective trance management. You will be introduced to the two general divisions (mnesic and amnesic) and the six depth stages of hypnosis. The criteria for judging hypnotic depth and suggested sequence of tests to judge depth are discussed and demonstrated, and techniques used to deepen the hypnotic state are experienced and practiced.
  • Suggestion Management: You will learn the rationale for using self-hypnosis and how it can positively and powerfully influence all phases of your life. In addition, you’ll experience the world of “suggestion” and learn essential criteria for formulating effective suggestions.
  • Hypnotic Miscellany: Mechanical and electronic instruments, posthypnotic suggestion, hypermnesia phenomena, sensory hyperaesthesia. Topics such as negative word traps and pharsing are covered, as is an introduction to anesthesia management.
  • Advanced Induction Techniques: Complete training in several rapid inductions that you’ll use regularly with confidence and expertise. The success of rapid inductions is completely mastered through demonstrations and practice. You’ll be equipped with sufficient methods and techniques to rapidly induce trance in even the most difficult subject. You’ll learn to utilize double binds, an ingenious method to obtain the results your client desires, and the effective use of kinesthetic disorientation inductions.
  • Assessment, Goal Setting, and Reinforcement: This lesson introduces, through interactive discussions and application exercises, the methodology to develop a treatment plan for most presenting problems. Participants will learn a basic assessment model and a format for developing goal setting skills and reinforcement protocols.
  • Counseling Skills: How to do a pre-induction interview, setting realistic goals, the hypnotherapeutic role, clients you can work with.
  • Gestalt: its hypnotherapeutic applications and counseling influence. Gestalt therapy is a school of psychology in and of itself and requires years of study to master. At the same time, however, Gestalt-specific key practices are easily yet powerfully integrated with the practice of hypnotherapy resulting in extraordinary outcomes. Enhancement of interview and counseling skills as well as rapid subconscious release and resolution are just a few benefits of having this modality in you repertoire.
  • Imagery and Hypnosis: Through case studies, activities, and illustrations the practical applications of using imagery in conjunction with proven confidence-strengthening techniques are explored and practiced.
  • Use of Tasking: How to use tasking as a method of reinforcement of suggestions and as a powerful tool for difficult subjects. The well-trained hypnotherapist never fails. You’ll learn the methods of tasking to produce successful results with every client session.
  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Methodology: Including the absolutely-must-know anchor/trigger process—seamlessly integrated into hypnotherapeutic application for immediate effect. How to create anchors and triggers and the essential use of anchors and triggers with clients. You’ll learn how positive and negative triggers can best be utilized for benefit or neutralized to resolve problems and how triggers can be incorporated and intensified with the senses. You’ll learn the hows and whys of NLP and its hypnotherapeutic connection.
  • Uncovering Techniques (Regression): The rationale for using regression techniques including Transformational Replay, the Affect Bridge technique, age regression, automatic writing, ideomotor response, and other methods are discussed and applied. You’ll become a master of the most successful techniques used to uncover repressed and suppressed material. Through demonstration and practice you’ll learn the process in detail. Your thorough comfort with both pseudo and true regressions will give you the knowledge and confidence to use this powerful tool regularly. Transformational techniques including verbalizing, inner child rescue, Gestalt, and reframing complete this phase of training. Due to time constraints in the Intensive Regression is available as a standalone class for Intensive students.
  • Alchemical Hypnotherapy: Archetypes, interactive process, metaphors and allegories, powerful inner resource building protocols such as Inner Parenting, Inner Child JourneyInner Child Rescue. (Due to time constraints this piece is included in the Semestered training/available as a separate class for the Intensive).
  • Past Life Regression (PLR): Whether one chooses to facilitate past life regression or not such experiences may spontaneously occur, and therefore cannot be ignored. It is necessary to learn to handle PLRs professionally. Possible explanations for past life regression include: fantasy or metaphor, genetic memory, collective unconscious, reincarnation, etc. (Included in Semestered training/available as a separate class for Intensive.)
  • Smoking Cessation and the Efficacy of Hypnosis for Drug and Alcohol Addiction: The desire and/or need to stop smoking results in approximately 50% of inquiries made to hypnotherapists each year. Thorough training in smoking cessation—including its offshoots: chewing tobacco, snuff, marijuana, caffeine, sugar, etc.—will increase your success rates exponentially as well as opening community, education, and corporate doors for you that would otherwise be inaccessible. (Included in Semestered Training—available as a separate class for Intensive students.)

All of the above and much, much more is covered in our thorough exploration of the subject of hypnotism and its therapeutic applications.

And Even More

The Transformational Hypnotherapy Certification program includes the core curriculum provided by the National Guild of Hypnotists: Level I and Level II manuals of instruction covering both basic and advanced topics. We add to that a wealth of material which we have developed through our many years of private practice including: exercises, articles, scripts and protocols; plus demonstrations and regular group hypnosis sessions, and much more. All of this provides students with valuable encouragement and affirmation as they expand their knowledge and skills.

An important component of our curriculum is the ability to give students an opportunity to observe actual hypnotherapy sessions on a series of DVDs, which include a surgical procedure with hypnoanesthesia; depth testing; inner child journey; age regression and past life regression work (regression is semestered training only), facilitated by Drake and Lynsi Eastburn. Excellent textbooks by highly regarded writer-therapists are also included in the cost of tuition. But perhaps the most valuable part of the training you will receive at the Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis is the overall environment of welcome, friendship, and sincere dedication to the study and practice of hypnotism—not only as a business, but as a way of life. We believe in the infinite power of the mind, and our enthusiasm is contagious. Please join us and begin to fulfill your potential through hypnosis. At the Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis, we have your success in mind!


Want to earn distinct recognition with the earned title Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist? Choose the Whole Shebang option or register for the Eastburn Institute Internship Program.

To be successful in the field one requires precision hypnotic skill. The key to perfecting your hypnotic ability is practice, practice, practice! Through the Eastburn Institute Internship Program you’ll complete 50 lessons (400 hours) over the course of a year’s time but with the flexibility that allows you to work at exactly your own pace including—but not limited to—the following:

  • You’ll see real clients, with intakes and sessions supervised and debriefed by Drake or Lynsi Eastburn.
  • You’ll learn advanced clinical hypnotism methods to enhance your practice.
  • You’ll attend 5 advanced hypnotherapy in-class certification trainings of your choice (subject to availability): NLP, Body-focused Repetitive Issues, Elite Athletes, Pain Control, Pediatric Hypnosis, Weight Loss, N-sC, HypnoFertility®, Hypno Birth Certification, Counseling Hypnotherapy, Parts Therapy, Gestalt-based Hypnotherapy.
  • You’ll earn 100 hours and effectively utilize your new skills by participating as a training assistant (T/A) in the upcoming training of your choice (intensive or semestered format).

There is no better way to learn than to teach.
—Benjamin Whichcote, British Philosopher

You’ll have access to advanced hypnotherapy video training programs including but not limited to:

  • HypnoOncology and HypnoRheumatology
  • Answer Cancer series
  • Hypnosis Best Practices of Original Dave Elman series
  • Painless Childbirth series
  • Ericksonian series
  • Must See Top Notch Rare Footage series
  • Secrets of a Master Hypnotist
  • NLP series (Various trainers)

And many more to choose from . . .

  • You’ll have opportunities to co-teach supervised group hypnosis workshops.
  • You’ll receive licensed programs in teachable format—just follow the step-by-step outlines for success.
  • You’ll receive assistance creating your own book or booklet to better enable you to promote yourself as the expert in your area.
  • You’ll learn Gestalt-based Hypnotism.
  • You’ll receive precision suggestion (script) writing assistance to assure you can deal effectively with any client situation.
  • You’ll be taught to navigate the basic intricacies of professional digital recording for in-office and distance client sessions.
  • You’ll create a presentation for a NGH Chapter Meeting or a community education project.

This advanced program will take you to the next level as you learn the finer elements of clinical hypnotism. Upon completion of the Internship Program you’ll receive a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist certificate mounted for immediate hanging in your office (no frame necessary). Your name will be displayed on the Internship plaque in the classroom area of the Eastburn Institute.

You can start immediately as the program is designed to be flexible enough to meet your professional schedule. The 400-hour Internship Program alone is a $9900.00 value but you pay only $5375.00. Purchase the 750-hour Whole Shebang! (Transformational Hypnotherapy Certification + Internship) and the entire training is only $7500.00. (Purchase of the 750-hour Whole Shebang! saves $1070.00 over purchase of same components separately.)


Transformational Hypnotherapy Certification Program: 350-hour, 8-weekend, semestered format

Transformational Hypnotherapy Certification Program: 260-hour, 7-day, intensive format

Clinical Internship: 400-hour, flexible format to be completed within one year

Whole Shebang!: 350-hour hypnotherapy certification + 400-hour clinical internship (flexible formats to be determined between student & instructors)

$250.00 – $595.00 (or as determined)
Advanced Certification Trainings (1 – 3 days/typically 2 days)


You matter to us and we want to hear from you.

We invite you to come in and meet us, see our school, and have your questions answered before making any decision. Please allow us to answer any questions you may have about our training to ensure you receive the most accurate information.

Please call or e-mail us to schedule your interview with Drake or Lynsi Eastburn
or for more information.

303-424-2331  or office@hypnodenver.com