Neuro-subliminal Marketing™ for Professionals

Neuro-subliminal Marketing™ for Professionals

with Arthur A. Leidecker, BCH, CI

If you’re already wealthy you needn’t attend, but you might want to anyway!

Supercharge the growth of your business or practice—Right Now!

If by the lunch break you’re not totally convinced that this workshop will immediately increase your income, we’ll cheerfully give your money back.

This one-day intensive workshop will move along at a brisk pace. It’s jam packed with every single detail that you need to realize your goals. Increase your income starting the next morning. No long, detailed “wait for results” plan, but proven, tested, surefire ways to impact your market and establish yourself as “the authority” in your field.

Stop wasting advertising money. Proven techniques are taught, as well as advertising and promotional materials provided to immediately expand any professional practice.

Excellent for any type of practice where an increase in clients and income is desired. Doctors, hypnotherapists, attorneys, psychologists, massage therapists, consultants, and anyone desiring to enhance their practice/increase revenue will all immediately benefit from this workshop.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to do a fun, 7-second marketing presentation that pays and pays
  • Prioritization tricks that maximize your productivity
  • How to build client loyalty
  • How to start a referral program that pays and pays
  • How to drastically increase revenues by regaining inactive clients
  • How to get free advertising regularly
  • How to reap the benefits of someone else’s advertising
  • How to make your practice stand out among others
  • The value of risk reversal

You’ll Receive:

  • Charts
  • Schedules
  • Worksheets
  • Everything you need to start rapidly growing first thing Monday morning . . .