Puffed Enuff™

Puffed Enuff!™

with Drake Eastburn, BCH, CI

This intensive two-day advanced smoking cessation program was developed by world renowned hypnosis author/therapist/instructor Drake Eastburn and is intended for Certified Hypnotherapists only. With over thirty years in the field of hypnotism, Drake’s blending of a wide variety of techniques—and staying on the cutting edge of technology—has allowed him to boast the highest success rate in the business. Due to his phenomenal success rate, Drake teaches his personal methods to certified hypnotherapists nationally and internationally.

Smoking cessation accounts for approximately 50% of telephone inquiries to hypnotherapists. Learn how to effectively provide this service to your clients with these time-tested methods.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why short term smoking cessation
  • Why there are no failures
  • Commonly asked questions
  • The benefits of quitting smoking
  • Assessment questions for smoking cessation
  • Why there are no symptoms of withdrawal
  • Smoking as a trailer
  • Smoking and Marijuana
  • Smoking as trance
  • Tips for young people
  • Various techniques and protocols that allow you to tailor each session personally to your client
  • The Blow-Your-Mind-Smoking-Is-Too-Much-Trouble-I-Need-A-Nap Technique
  • Working with pregnant women
  • Smoking-specific suggestion work
  • The control effect
  • What about stress issues?
  • Precisely how to conduct group and single sessions
  • And much more . . .