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Weight Loss Tips 2013: Hypnosis Can Help Overweight Women Lose Weight Fast – in Time for Summer Fun

March 29th, 2014 by eastburnhypno

quickly. “When everything else has failed, people have lost their weight and kept it off because of hypnosis,” said Drake Eastburn, Director of Eastburn Hypnotherapy Center, which offers hypnosis weight …

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HypnoFertility® Expert Lynsi Eastburn Says “You Can Become Pregnant by Christmas”

March 29th, 2014 by eastburnhypno

DENVER, Oct. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Women who have had trouble conceiving with conventional methods should consider hypnotherapy.

“You can be pregnant with your baby by Christmas no matter what you’ve been told,” says HypnoFertility® Specialist Lynsi Eastburn, a hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of women—including celebrities—have babies. “You can have a bundle of joy neatly wrapped next to your Christmas tree—even if you’ve been told you have less than a 1 percent chance. It is possible.”

Susie McCormick walked into Eastburn’s office with devastating news: her doctor had told her she had a zero percent chance of getting pregnant with her own eggs, and that if she somehow did become pregnant she would definitely miscarry. At age 39, McCormick received what to her felt like a death sentence: she was told she had “old eggs and would never have a child of her own.”

McCormick was overwhelmed with stress and fear and she felt that Eastburn was her last chance.

“Lynsi told me her impression of my situation was not the same as what my doctor said. She felt I would be pregnant soon. And with a boy. She began working with me immediately and also encouraged me to see another reproductive endocrinologist, which I did. Thanks to the incredible sessions I had with Lynsi I became pregnant on my very first IUI with the new doctor and am now 20 weeks pregnant with my son.”

“I always tell my clients that the work I do with them is the missing link,” said Eastburn, award-winning author of “The 3 Keys to Conception” and “It’s Conceivable.”

“They seem to find me when they feel that all hope is lost, and I am able to help them because I know exactly how to support them in this process,” said Eastburn, who is a Registered Psychotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Instructor, and the creator of HypnoFertility®.

“Lynsi has an uncanny ability to facilitate healthy pregnancy and birth,” said Lakshmi Chaudhury, another of Lynsi’s happy clients. “I am cliche, I know, when I found Lynsi I was a well-educated 43-year-old attorney with a very Type-A personality. Lynsi knows what she’s doing—she helped me get in balance and my fertility journey unfolded right in front of me. Within a couple of months I was pregnant naturally, even though I was having trouble getting the okay from the RE on an IVF with my own eggs. And, just one year later, I was once again naturally pregnant with my second child. My husband and I are ecstatic to this day and can’t thank Lynsi enough. Without her, we truly believe we would not have the family we wanted so badly.”

“I have a unique style,” said Eastburn, “in that I effectively blend the worlds of science and spirit (logic and creativity) through the practice of hypnotism, psychology, energetic awareness, and intuition. I have always said you can’t ‘left-brain’ a baby meaning that you can’t make this happen, this is not something you can force. If getting pregnant were simply a left-brain, logical, rational, ‘just-do-it’ process the numbers for IVF would be much higher. There is a receptivity needed for successful conception and I facilitate exactly that with my clients, an authentic balance of mind/body/spirit. I have helped thousands of women become pregnant over the past 15 years—often when they have been told it’s impossible, often when I am their last hope.”

Over the years Eastburn has become affectionately known by her clients as the Spirit Baby Whisperer due to what they have termed her “enigmatic ability to facilitate the conception of countless babies.” Eastburn supports both natural and medically assisted conception, and her techniques are complementary to both.

“My clients are professionals: doctors, lawyers, journalists, etc. They have either read my book(s), been referred, seen my media interviews, or read about me on a blog,” Eastburn said. Her services are listed with one of the top fertility clinics in the country, Conceptions Reproductive Associates, and she has received endorsements from the head reproductive endocrinologist there, Dr. Mark Bush.

“There is a 25% diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’ and clients are frustrated because they feel that if they know the cause they can medically fix it. But unexplained is actually positive because that’s the realm of the subconscious mind and that’s my specialty,” Eastburn said.

“Without balance of mind/body/spirit, without being able to go five minutes without thinking about infertility, with some difficulty maintaining stable relationships, with constant stress that impacts every facet of her life, it’s no wonder women have such trouble conceiving a baby” she said.

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Vail Daily health feature: Enhancing your chance

March 29th, 2014 by eastburnhypno

First we believed babies came from a stork. Then at one point we discovered the truth, learning about the tale of the sperm and the egg from either our parents, a teacher, or a wise older friend, like a fourth grader. We thought we knew everything about how babies are made, and as adults, many people still believe that conceiving a child is a simple, elementary process. In reality baby-making is a complex endeavor, with many factors affecting both female and male fertility. Some see the traditional method, the ol’ “thrust and trust” if you will, as the only natural way to get pregnant. But the stork doesn’t stop there. The field of natural fertility methods is growing faster than Princess Kate Middleton’s heir to the throne, with many local health care providers adding treatments that aid in fertility to their practices. Pressure points and pregnancyKellie Krasovec is a licensed acupuncturist based in Edwards. Krasovec started treating fertility issues seven years ago and sees a number of women and couples trying to conceive. Krasovec said acupuncture, or Chinese medicine, restores the body to its best state of balance.”(Acupuncture) helps clear out excess toxins so that blood can flow more (easily) through the reproductive system, ovaries, and testes,” Krasovec said. When a woman comes to see Krasovec for fertility treatments, she’ll often issue a pulse diagnosis, where one can measure the blood flow quality of the uterus. Krasovec said she asks patients to commit to a full three months of treatments, which includes not only acupuncture but diet and lifestyle changes, before expecting results. Krasovec estimates that 50 to 60 percent of her patients who go through the entire process end up conceiving a child.”I do have quite a few folks who are just not ready to do the work,” Krasovec said. “Most people have to make significant dietary changes. In the culture we live in, we like instant results. (But) for the egg to make it to the ovaries, it takes three months.”Krasovec said it’s not uncommon for women to receive acupuncture in conjunction with other assisted reproductive technology treatments, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). In a study done by the Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Center located in Colorado Springs, of the 578 patients treated between 2003 and 2008, there was a 15 percent increase in pregnancies and a 23 percent increase in live births for IVF patients treated with acupuncture. A woman’s fertility rate does decrease as she ages. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, a 30-year-old woman has a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant per menstrual cycle, while a 40-year old woman has a 5 percent chance. Krasovec thinks women over the age of 35 should still remain hopeful despite what they read online or hear about from friends and family.”All those statistics are for people who are doing nothing to enhance their fertility,” Krasovec said. “If a woman is having a period every month and they are ovulating, with work they (could) conceive and have a child. I can’t make guarantees, (but) I will always do my best to get them to the goal of having a child.”The mind/body conception methodFor some health care providers, witnessing a couple bring their first child into the world is what motivates them to delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding fertility. Lynsi Eastburn is a Denver-based registered psychotherapist and the founder of HypnoFertility, a program that trains therapists on how to use hypnosis to affect fertility and aid in pregnancy. Eastburn began applying what she knew about hypnosis to childbirth 12 years ago, with surprising results.”I ended up with women getting pregnant who were not even candidates for in vitro fertilization,” Eastburn said. “I don’t like to quote numbers, (but) most of the clients that I work with end up getting pregnant. It’s a high enough number that its been worth me training other therapists (in HypnoFertility) and writing two books on the (subject).Eastburn said hypnosis affects the parasympathetic nervous system, known as the ‘rest and digest’ response, which is the opposite of the sympathetic nervous system, or what we commonly refer to as the ‘fight or flight’ response. “Hypnosis naturally impacts and neutralizes our ‘fight or flight’ (response) and helps you get back into that peaceful state,” Eastburn said. Eaastburn said she also sees patients who’ve had miscarriages or are undergoing IVF.”People will have four or five miscarriages, or they’ll go through a number of medical treatments, usually IVF, and come to do hypnosis along with it,” Eastburn said. “They carry the baby through, and they tell me the only thing they’ve done different (this time) is hypnosis.”Risk-free fertility treatmentsStacey Horn, a local licensed clinical social worker and certified hypnotherapist, studied with Eastburn and now offers HypnoFertility to her clients. “A lot of times when people come in for hypnosis, they’ve gotten desperate,” Horn said. “They’re willing to try anything that might possibly help. I never make promises, but I do believe that if women are relaxed, if they are calm and managing stress well, this increases the possibility that (getting pregnant) could happen.” Horn had her first child at age 44 and used hypnosis as her sole fertility method. Horn was uncertain whether or not she could conceive a child at that age, but she did not undergo any type of infertility testing prior to getting pregnant. Because hypnosis is such a recent addition to the field of fertility, Horn understands why some would question its effectiveness.”I think it’s good to be skeptical of things,” Horn said. “I know for myself, I didn’t think I could get pregnant at that point. That was the mindset that I had. Operating on that belief system makes it more difficult for women. You never know if that unknown factor is a belief system based on experience or something someone told us once (about how we couldn’t get pregnant).‚”No fertility method has a 100 percent success rate. Because the practice of natural fertility methods like acupuncture and hypnosis is so new, there’s little research that can definitively prove just how much it increases one’s chance of getting pregnant, if any. But unlike more costly and invasive methods, such as IVF, the risks of getting an acupuncture treatment or undergoing hypnosis to enhance one’s fertility are minimal or practically non-existent. “(With) acupuncture, almost all the side effects are positive,” Krasovec said. “It’s not just about getting pregnant, it’s about getting your body to the best state of health that you can, and everything improves.”If a couple has been trying to get pregnant with no luck, maybe it’s time they stop thrusting and put their trust in a different kind of natural method. If this doesn’t work, maybe our childhood friend the stork is still taking orders for delivery.


Therapist Says Hypnosis Can Help Couples With Infertility Issues

March 29th, 2014 by eastburnhypno

Woman Says She Changed Negative Thoughts About Conceiving

There are many couples who have a hard time getting pregnant. Some therapies, like in vitro fertilization, are complicated and expensive. But there are alternatives, such as hypnosis.

While it may sound far-fetched one local hypnotherapist says she is helping more and more couples get pregnant in a matter of months.

Tara Brockman, 31, really wants to be a mom. She and her husband tried to conceive for six months with no luck. After undergoing hypnosis Brockman is now pregnant with her first child.

“It was kind of a surprise, exciting,” she said.

For most of her life Brockman thought she’d have a hard time getting pregnant. When she was 14 she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Even doctors said a baby might be impossible. But after one month and a couple of hypno-therapy sessions, it worked.

“I really felt like that was the missing link,” she said. “I really think that it helped to transform my negative thought patterns and the belief I held that I couldn’t get pregnant.”

Hypnotherapist Lynsi Eastburn said changing negative thoughts is key.

“There’s an obsession with, ‘Am I pregnant? Am I going to get pregnant? What cycle day am I on? What’s my basal body temp?’ It’s all they think about,” Eastburn said.

All that thinking can stress out a woman, and if she doesn’t get pregnant right away she might convince herself she can’t get pregnant.

“There’s a 25 percent diagnosis of unexplained infertility, which means there’s no physical cause for it,” Eastburn said.

Eastburn works at reprogramming a woman’s mind. She is specially certified to do this.

She uses a soothing voice and encouraging words to take clients to a more peaceful place.

“You still feel like you’re in control, but you’re in a very relaxed and receptive state,” Brockman said.

These days more medical doctors believe in and sometimes encourage alternative therapies like hypnosis or acupuncture because they seem to take a lot of the stress out of baby making.

“One key component is stress reduction. There is a definite link between hormones released in the brain and decreasing a woman’s ability to release an egg,” said Dr. Mark Bush with Conceptions Reproductive Associates.

Eastburn said hypnosis can also double the success rate of invitro fertilization, which on its own only results in a baby 30 percent of the time.

In some cases, a woman may get pregnant without having to undergo the expensive treatment. For Brockman it all happened naturally and while she can’t wait for her first to arrive she knows she’ll be back for hypno-therapy when its time for number two.

A 90-minute hypno-therapy session costs $150.


Denver Hypnotist Lynsi Eastburn Tells How She Is Helping Women Overcome Infertility Around the World

March 29th, 2014 by eastburnhypno

The pioneering work of Denver Colorado Hypnotherapist Lynsi Eastman is helping once infertile women become pregnant. How Lynsi developed her successful program is revealed in her recent interview with Stephen Gruber of

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Hypnosis For Fertility-Hypnosis Can Aid In Fertility

March 29th, 2014 by eastburnhypno

Joining us is Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor Lynsi Eastburn,author of this book: Its Concievable: Hypnosis for Fertility. Tune in to The Balancing Act to see how hypnosis could help you get pregnant. Lynsi says it’s worked for many of her patients. You don’t want to miss it!