March 17th, 2014 by eastburnhypno

The value of a good night’s sleep is something most of us take for granted. For others, getting a restful sleep at night has become illusive. Perhaps you suffer with invasive thoughts when you should be experiencing comforting sleep. Perhaps you have difficulty falling asleep or you find yourself falling asleep only to wake up a little while later, unable to go back to sleep. Perhaps you remain attentive or vigilant when you would rather be dreaming peacefully. Perhaps you slept fine in the past but after having children or experiencing some other life changing event things have changed. Perhaps you find yourself using sleep medications, but still don’t feel rested when you arise in the morning.

Often we have developed patterns around sleep which are working against us or we have become so accustomed to having sleep issues that the subconscious mind just keeps repeating the same unhelpful pattern.

When we experience insomnia we are not ourselves. We don’t think as clearly, we are less productive, and our emotional state is not in balance. Current research shows that sleep is a big contributing factor in weight issues as well.

It would seem simple to just go to bed at night and sleep, but once the subconscious mind has learned a certain pattern it will just keep repeating it. The subconscious mind does not consider whether doing the same thing over and over again is working for or against us. It just does it. Through hypnosis it is easy to shift these old patterns and create new ones. Once the subconscious learns (relearns) the benefit of experiencing a good night’s sleep it will then keep using that pattern.

If you have been suffering with sleep difficulties or have not been sleeping much at all it is time to treat yourself to the benefits only hypnosis can give you.