Migraines Headaches


March 17th, 2014 by eastburnhypno

From Drake Eastburn:

Hypnosis is a very effective tool for resolving headaches. I, myself, was a migraine sufferer back in the early seventies and I learned hypnosis techniques to rid myself of migraines once and for all. The methods I adopted then were tedious in comparison to the simple yet powerful techniques I have developed since. And only a brief time, comparatively, is needed for clients today.

Most headaches are caused by stress, lack of sleep, expectation, physical issues such as tight muscles, or they can be due to medications. It is important that we make certain that there are no physical reasons for the headache; this means that any possible medical causes must be ruled out by doctors before using hypnosis.

When I use the term expectation I am referring to those times when, because the individual has had headaches in a particular situation before, the expectation is that it will happen again. We have all heard someone say something like, “Every Monday morning I wake up with a raging headache.” Or, “When those kids come home from school it gives me a headache.” Or, “Every Christmas I suffer with migraines.” Because we have experienced this in the past we expect it will occur again and so it does. This sort of thing can also be what we refer to as Anchor and Trigger (or Pavlovian) Response. Certain smells, sounds, or other conditions can trigger a headache because those stimuli have become associated with the discomfort of one.

The actual treatment to resolve the issue is quite fast, and rarely is more than a few sessions needed. Hypnosis also deals with any underlying issues which may be at the root of the problem.

Headaches can run our lives and keep us from living as we would like to. A full and enjoyable life awaits—why not be free of them once and for all?