Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

March 22nd, 2014 by eastburnhypno

Ever wondered who you were in a past life? Do you have certain apparently inexplicable characteristics you would like to know the origins of? Are you curious to know why you are attracted to a certain kind of lover, friend, job . . . ? Do some people in your life seem familiar to you, or do you like or dislike someone intensely? Do you experience unreasonable fears or phobias? These are just a few of the many reasons people seek to experience a past life regression through hypnosis.

The idea that each of us has a long history of past life experiences dates from the earliest of human cultural systems. The concurrent idea that each of us is potentially capable of experiencing future lives has an equally ancient origin. Religions the world over hold summary conclusions about the nature of the soul, and there is probably no subject upon which there is such a rich diversity of opinion as what is, precisely, the nature and purpose of the soul’s “journey.”

Without resorting to any debate over religious teaching, or taking up a particular philosophical viewpoint, it is still possible to discuss this subject in a theoretical setting, which allows a wide variety of personal interpretation. We could suppose, for instance, that our minds are infinitely capable of imaginative exercises, one of which might be the subjective experience of a life other than the one in which we are currently engaged. Or it’s possible that each individual mind might have access to a Universal Mind (Einstein referred to this as “the mind of God” and Jung as “the collective unconscious.”), wherein all life “stories” are available to be experienced. Quantum physicists, to whom linear time, such as “past” and “future,” are meaningless distinctions, would perhaps favor the opinion that all possible lives are being experienced in a timeless present moment awareness that we might call the Eternal Now.

Parallel universes have their advocates, and there are absolutists who are firm in their conviction that there is either here and now, or heaven and hell. Since the internal validity of past life regression is likely to remain a moot point, the central issue, then, is not whether one or another of these theories is actual, factual or true, but whether there is any beneficial and therapeutic reason to explore the possibility of what we could call “alternative lives.” Many years experience in the practice of hypnotherapy indicate that, whether one believes in the reality and factual nature of past/alternate lives, there is a great potential for emotional and physical healing inherent in the process of subconscious regression to alternate life experiences.

In the absence of any verifiable data that could prove or disprove the reality of alternate lives, we must rely on anecdotal evidence to substantiate the benefit of such hypnotherapeutic work, and the anecdotal evidence indicates that clients with seemingly insoluble and inexplicable dilemmas at the conscious level, often find resolution, peace and healing after exploring an alternative life experience at the subconscious level of mind.

Perhaps this is the mind’s way of healing itself, as though the images brought forth during regression work—images of an unfamiliar life situation—are those which one’s inner wisdom chooses as most beneficial to promote a return to healthy functioning. Participating in an imaginative excursion as another person, in which we “walk a mile in” his/her shoes may be helpful in giving us a new perspective on how to deal with our present situation in a positive manner. Maybe, in a realm of infinite possibilities and life events, the mind selects one which symbolically represents our current conflict, permitting us to realize a creative solution is available, one which had not occurred to us at the conscious level.

Essentially, our opinions about the validity of this type of hypnotherapy aren’t nearly as important as what we observe by way of beneficial results. Past life regression therapy has been demonstrated to be an extremely effective problem-solving modality, when used with care and compassion by a skillful, well-trained therapist. Thus, it can be viewed with confidence as an authentic, useful method of accessing otherwise unavailable self-knowledge for the purpose of improving mental and physical wellbeing.

Skeptics and believers alike are welcome to enjoy this fascinating process, working with one of our therapists who specializes in past life regression, and experience firsthand the liberation, expansion and personal enrichment that derives from a deeper, more well-informed acquaintance with our own limitless potential.