Attention Forest Oil Corporation Investors: Law Firm Investigates on Behalf of Shareholders

March 25th, 2014 by eastburnhypno

Attention Forest Oil Corporation Investors:Shareholder rights law firm Robbins Arroyo LLP is investigating potential violations of federal securities laws on behalf of investors of Forest Oil Corporation (NYSE: FST).  Forest Oil is an independent oil and gas company engaged in …

Psychic Abilities

March 22nd, 2014 by eastburnhypno

Enhancement of Psychic Abilities We all have that “inner knowing.” Sometimes we know exactly who is calling us on the phone before the phone even rings. Sometimes a perfectly harmless-looking someone chills us to the bone. Sometimes we experience prophetic dreams or just “know something” about others. Each one of us is born with intuition—but often we are trained to ignore it. For this reason we may find ourselves besieged with fear and unable to know the difference. Fear masks itself as intuition. It is loud and it is demanding. Hypnosis is the key to keen development of intuition, to learning to easily differentiate between fear and intuition, and how to benefit from the gifts your intuition has to share with you. People choose hypnosis for the purpose of psychic enhancement for many reasons including: sharpening intuition; overcoming fear; achieving the next level or enhancing one’s skill in modalities such as healing, energy work, hypnotherapy, psychic readings, etc.; clearing obstacles within the psyche; creating a powerful mind/body/spirit balance; becoming powerful healers and/or teachers; cultivating faith and trust; to connect with Spirit; and much more . . . Psychic Self-Defense is the Key to Balance & Harmony and the Counterpart to the Enhancement of Psychic Abilities Reasons for utilizing hypnotherapy in psychic self-defense: Energy vampires often pose as soul twins. They align with you, gain your trust, and then begin to feed. Their camouflage is nearly impenetrable. They tell you how much they love or care about you. How well they know you. They reinforce how no one else understands you like they do. You may encounter these sycophants in a romantic relationship, a friendship, in school or at work. Insidious, they can do a lot of damage before you have even identified what’s happening. Completely at ease with the victim or martyr role, they do tend to have enough where withal to portray themselves as balanced, independent individuals initially—though eventually the façade will begin to crack. They are especially attracted to empaths (highly sensitive individuals), and because they have access to those abilities they know when you have caught on to them, sometimes before you have even realized it yourself . . . Awareness is the key. Find out how to conserve your precious energies and convert apparently negative experiences to empowerment; find out how to protect yourself from psychic attack in any form (often psychic attack is unintentional from a conscious standpoint but it is just as lethal). Listen to Your Heart—Finding Your Consort (Soul-mate) We often hear people talking about or searching for their soul-mates. There are various definitions of that term so if you are looking to meet your true love or mate, the term consort is much more accurate. When we put unclear information out into the Universe the result is unclear attractions. This may be the reason you have yet to find that special someone despite every effort. The subconscious mind functions exclusively in the realm of symbolism. It draws deeply from the well of the collective unconscious to come up with the symbols that help us to know who we are in relation to all things. These archetypes exist in our psyches—deeply engraved—and our dreams and visions are simply small reflections of our own inner realm of archetypal symbology. Hypnosis provides the tools of interpretation; access to inner magick, the method of manifestation. Archetypes are symbols that exist within the collective unconscious, and are blueprints for the many ways of being we can experience. Many of the archetypes we are familiar with have been integrated into our consciousness through stories and myth. Their numbers are as infinite as the imagination can perceive, and every culture has its own set of archetypal images. The basic themes and attributes of the archetypes describe the collective human experience. All cultures recognize archetypal symbols depicting the mother, the father, the lover, the hero and heroine, the villain, the martyr, the beautiful, the teacher . . . The list goes on and on. Gods and Goddesses can also be thought of as archetypes, or symbols for ways of being. The anima and animus represent the male and female within each of us. Even though we come into our lives as either man or woman, all of us contain the qualities of both the active and the receptive principle of male and female. Each lifetime, we come into either a male or female body to focus on the lessons that body provides. We also work to assimilate the innate qualities of the opposite sex, despite the obstacles of societal and personal programs about our maleness and femaleness. This is the case for gays and lesbians as well (male/female energy is not the equivalent of gay/straight). Coming into the balance of the inner two is an intricate dance. One way to look at your male self (if you are a woman) and your female self (if you are a man) is as an inner consort. Any relationship you enter into is just a mirror of your longing to merge with your own inner consort. You are complete within yourself, yet the majority of us go on searching outwardly for what is already within each of us. Your inner consort is your only true soul-mate, your ultimate partner. S/he knows everything about you, accepts you completely and unconditionally, knows all your needs and desires, and is everything you’ve ever wanted in a partner. Connecting with your inner consort is to achieve the integration of your soul twin or opposite self. It is to truly know yourself and know that all the answers are within. When we fall in love we are desiring an aspect of ourselves to be recognized and integrated. Making love is actually loving an aspect of yourself—integrating your lover into a sense of wholeness. When you have become whole within yourself, relationships with others have more depth, and you are then ready to attract and/or truly accept your physical partner and mate. True alchemical marriage is the merging of the masculine and feminine inside ourselves. Why use hypnosis to find your inner consort? To find your exact and correct love relationship; to heal an existing love relationship; to achieve the inner balance that provides true self-love; to balance masculine and feminine energies for self-healing and beyond . . .

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Hypnosis is often thought of as the last-chance/when-all-hope-is-lost modality. People regularly get results with hypnosis even when all else has failed. Recidivated rehab, continual court-mandated programs, and unsuccessful programs or therapies are just a few reasons people seek hypnotic assistance. Hypnosis does not have to be an either/or. It is the most powerful complementary therapy available; in some cases hypnosis is used as a standalone modality while in others it supplements traditional treatments. Either way hypnosis has helped countless people to release unwanted habits and addictions including: cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, marijuana, caffeine, soda, alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs, and more.

Hypnosis can help relieve cravings, overcome subconscious obstacles, create positive new habits and support the desired change overall. Addiction sufferers have told us repeatedly that hypnosis helped them to get their lives back, to get back (and stay) on track, and to succeed where they had continually failed in the past. Hypnosis is considered a rapid change therapy—and it can help.