HypnoFertility® Expert Lynsi Eastburn Says “You Can Become Pregnant by Christmas”

HypnoFertility® Expert Lynsi Eastburn Says “You Can Become Pregnant by Christmas”

DENVER, Oct. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Women who have had trouble conceiving with conventional methods should consider hypnotherapy.

“You can be pregnant with your baby by Christmas no matter what you’ve been told,” says HypnoFertility® Specialist Lynsi Eastburn, a hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of women—including celebrities—have babies. “You can have a bundle of joy neatly wrapped next to your Christmas tree—even if you’ve been told you have less than a 1 percent chance. It is possible.”

Susie McCormick walked into Eastburn’s office with devastating news: her doctor had told her she had a zero percent chance of getting pregnant with her own eggs, and that if she somehow did become pregnant she would definitely miscarry. At age 39, McCormick received what to her felt like a death sentence: she was told she had “old eggs and would never have a child of her own.”

McCormick was overwhelmed with stress and fear and she felt that Eastburn was her last chance.

“Lynsi told me her impression of my situation was not the same as what my doctor said. She felt I would be pregnant soon. And with a boy. She began working with me immediately and also encouraged me to see another reproductive endocrinologist, which I did. Thanks to the incredible sessions I had with Lynsi I became pregnant on my very first IUI with the new doctor and am now 20 weeks pregnant with my son.”

“I always tell my clients that the work I do with them is the missing link,” said Eastburn, award-winning author of “The 3 Keys to Conception” and “It’s Conceivable.”

“They seem to find me when they feel that all hope is lost, and I am able to help them because I know exactly how to support them in this process,” said Eastburn, who is a Registered Psychotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Instructor, and the creator of HypnoFertility®.

“Lynsi has an uncanny ability to facilitate healthy pregnancy and birth,” said Lakshmi Chaudhury, another of Lynsi’s happy clients. “I am cliche, I know, when I found Lynsi I was a well-educated 43-year-old attorney with a very Type-A personality. Lynsi knows what she’s doing—she helped me get in balance and my fertility journey unfolded right in front of me. Within a couple of months I was pregnant naturally, even though I was having trouble getting the okay from the RE on an IVF with my own eggs. And, just one year later, I was once again naturally pregnant with my second child. My husband and I are ecstatic to this day and can’t thank Lynsi enough. Without her, we truly believe we would not have the family we wanted so badly.”

“I have a unique style,” said Eastburn, “in that I effectively blend the worlds of science and spirit (logic and creativity) through the practice of hypnotism, psychology, energetic awareness, and intuition. I have always said you can’t ‘left-brain’ a baby meaning that you can’t make this happen, this is not something you can force. If getting pregnant were simply a left-brain, logical, rational, ‘just-do-it’ process the numbers for IVF would be much higher. There is a receptivity needed for successful conception and I facilitate exactly that with my clients, an authentic balance of mind/body/spirit. I have helped thousands of women become pregnant over the past 15 years—often when they have been told it’s impossible, often when I am their last hope.”

Over the years Eastburn has become affectionately known by her clients as the Spirit Baby Whisperer due to what they have termed her “enigmatic ability to facilitate the conception of countless babies.” Eastburn supports both natural and medically assisted conception, and her techniques are complementary to both.

“My clients are professionals: doctors, lawyers, journalists, etc. They have either read my book(s), been referred, seen my media interviews, or read about me on a blog,” Eastburn said. Her services are listed with one of the top fertility clinics in the country, Conceptions Reproductive Associates, and she has received endorsements from the head reproductive endocrinologist there, Dr. Mark Bush.

“There is a 25% diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’ and clients are frustrated because they feel that if they know the cause they can medically fix it. But unexplained is actually positive because that’s the realm of the subconscious mind and that’s my specialty,” Eastburn said.

“Without balance of mind/body/spirit, without being able to go five minutes without thinking about infertility, with some difficulty maintaining stable relationships, with constant stress that impacts every facet of her life, it’s no wonder women have such trouble conceiving a baby” she said.

For information, call 303-424-2331 or go to www.SpiritBabyWhisperer.com or www.HypnoFertility.com

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