Hypnotherapy for High-Risk Pregnancy

Hypnotherapy for High-Risk Pregnancy

The definition of High-Risk Pregnancy can range from a woman simply being age 35 and up, to severe medical conditions and/or complications. Multi-fetal pregnancy is considered High-Risk, as are IVF cases. The most common reason for referral to High-Risk clinics is risk of pre-term delivery.

In such cases, upon confirmation of the pregnancy, a woman is immediately referred to a High-Risk Pregnancy facility. Sometimes this is expected, as in the case of known medical conditions or due to fertility issues, but sometimes a woman/couple is caught off guard by the High-Risk protocol, having been unaware that she should be considered High-Risk at all.

Classifying a pregnancy as High-Risk ensures that it receives extra attention; however this can be very disconcerting for the mother. Fear can cause great stress and anxiety which can lead to difficulties that a calm, centered mother would not experience.

Any well-qualified Certified Hypnotherapist will adjust the temperature of highly charged words or phrases with alternate language that creates a more positive attitude. Using powerful hypnotic techniques the worry and fear caused by the term High-Risk can be transformed to instead impact the subconscious mind with a more positive connotation.

The Body is a Robot theory is a powerful metaphor that illustrates the understanding that what the mind thinks, the body creates. This is applicable to High-Risk Pregnancy in that because every thought or idea we have causes a physical reaction, we must consider what physical reaction is caused by the fear of those emotionally charged words.

High anxiety states, which affect oxygenation and the flow of nutrients to the fetus, have been correlated with abnormal decreases in fetal movement. Anxiety has also been associated with uterine dysfunction in labor, other debilitating labor patterns, as well as prematurity and miscarriage. As anxiety levels drop—these conditions improve.

Multi-fetal pregnancy, recurrent miscarriage, preeclampsia, hypertension, asthma, thyroid conditions, and many other conditions constitute High-Risk Pregnancy. Most fetal deaths not directly due to congenital anomalies are associated with prematurity—often accompanied by abruptio placentae (placenta breaks away from uterus ahead of time), placental previa, multiple pregnancy, preeclampsia and eclampsia, abnormal presentation and more.

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