Sexual Empowerment

Sexual Empowerment

Many sexual issues can be relieved through the use of hypnosis. Perhaps that old desire for sex is no longer what it was (libido, male or female) and you would like to enjoy a good sex life once again. Perhaps you suffer from E.D. (erectile dysfunction) or maybe you are plagued with guilt or the memories of uncomfortable experiences from the past. Of course you should always consult a physician for possible medical issues, but hypnosis is a great tool to put the spark back into your romantic life.

The subconscious works in patterns and it expects that whatever has happened before is what will happen again. If we have had some sort of negative sexual experiences in the past the subconscious begins to expect that this is what will happen again and a sort of self-sabotage occurs. Perhaps there has been some sort of sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior in the past or religious or social stigmas placed around sex that are having an effect we do not desire. Most of these issues can be dealt with quickly and effectively with hypnosis; some may be a bit more involved yet still a reasonably rapid outcome can be expected.

Every issue is equally important. We have worked successfully with gender identity issues and eased individuals through the sex change process as well. Sometimes an issue is sex or gender related but not actually a sexual problem. Whatever the case hypnosis can help.

Fertility and pregnancy support are issues which can dovetail with sexual empowerment and Lynsi Eastburn is the globally acknowledged expert in this area. A traumatic or painful birth experience or the mechanization of sex due to years of invasive medical fertility procedures or struggling month after month to become pregnant can cause emotional and/or physical scarring which often don’t seem to respond well to anything. Except hypnosis.

These examples are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sexually-related issues. Remember that whatever the situation, sexual empowerment is always the focus. For many people this is an extremely delicate subject. We only want to help—there is never any judgment. Hypnosis is often sought, and desired results achieved, after everything else has failed or when other methods are just too complicated, lengthy or uncomfortable. Negative side effects are common with pharmaceuticals—with hypnosis there are none.

If you are experiencing issues with any of the above mentioned areas or other similar or related issues, give our office a call and experience what we can do to help.

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